Nelson Mandela


Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
"The struggle is my life"


Nelson Mandela is another freedom and peace seeker

who was influenced by Mahatma Gandhi.

As the leader of the ANC, African National Congress,

the anti-Apartheid activist spent nearly 27 years in

South African prisons in a struggle to free his

people from the all white Political Regime.


Soon after his release from prison in 1993,

Mandela was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

and selected Time's Man of the Year.

That same year, he was also chosen as one of

Time's 100 most important people of the Century.


Following the Country's first democratically free elections in 1994,

Nelson was chosen the first black President of South Africa.


He declined to run again, stepping down in 1999 following

the election of his long trusted former deputy Mbeki.


In 2005, Mandela became the

Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations.


Until becoming ill, Nelson the Humanitarian, continued to travel,

speaking with World Leaders who shared his passion

for bringing Freedom and Peace to all races.

Nelson Mandela passed away at the age of 95 on December 5, 2013.


An excellent, in-depth work by PBS Frontline:

The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela


A nicely done, personal and intimate

biography on the ANC Zaire web site:



The recent movie "Invictus" details Mandela's determination to bring peace and

harmony to his rainbow nation through the exciting sport of Rugby: Invictus

Here is the besutiful poem that Mandela speaks of often in the film:

Invictus by William Ernest Henley



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