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Global Rules, Laws and Issues

The United Nations
The United Nations building in New York City.
The place where Global Laws should begin.


Global Rules, Laws and Issues

This especially complex subject which the United Nations was

created to address, is still miserably and inadequately defined.

No one, it would seem, is at the helm when it comes to

enforcing or implementing Global Rules or Laws.

European Court of Human Rights
The European Court of Human Rights
 in Strasbourg, France

As for the overwhelming Global Issues,

if you believe the alarming daily News,

 cool heads apparently do not rule on any Continent.

Will the pursuit of Global Peace be an unattainable aspiration?

This new page is dedicated to: Global Issues


These are places to find either comfort and reassurance

or immediate cause for concern:


Not normally a fan of celebrity endorsed charities,

but this one just might be an exception.

FINCA loans money to the poorest people in the

poorest regions of the Globe to start their own business.

What is it they say about "teaching a man how to fish"

This could be a great idea, if only the money ends up

where it needs to be and not in some CEO's pocket.



This British Organization is deeply involved in the

Global Issues that impact all of our lives.

Friends of the Earth: Campaigns


Privacy and Human Rights:

An International Survey of Privacy Laws and Practices

Global Internet Liberty Campaign


This young man has amassed an awe-inspiring amount of data

about Global Issues, more than can probably be read in a lifetime.

May his efforts be applauded.

Global Issues


The United Nations has lost much credibility in the Global Arena

and may never fully recover from the stigma it now bears.

Global Issues on the UN Agenda


The US State Department does not appear to be sure what the

 most critical Global Issue should be, but millions suffering around the

 Globe would probably agree that it was not the recent Shuttle landing?

Global Issues - US State Department


A really unique web site dedicated to the Global Environment.

This page is concerned with Global Laws and Rules, etc.

Green Pages: Legislation and Policies


One group who does seem to be doing it right has a

massive web site covering any subject you might consider.

Human Rights Watch


An unusual group dedicated to Global Issues.

Environmental News is given highest priority,

enhanced by their partnership with Reuters.

Welcome to Planet Ark


A mega Global Law searchable site.

World Legal Information Institute


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