My Deal Ancestors

My great grandmother
Mary Elizabeth Deal Nugent



Some of my Deal ancestors were believed to be of

German descent from near Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

and originally came to this country to escape

the ravages of the 30 years war.

You may learn more about them here:

Deal family extracts and contracts


John Henry and Mary Ann Driscoll Deal

who were the parents of my great grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Deal

were married December 25, 1856 in Jefferson County, Indiana.


John Deal Sr. was born in Mercer County, Kentucky

in 1832 and died May 30, 1904.

His parents were both born in Pennsylvania.


Mary Ann Driscoll was born April 2, 1838 in Kentucky

and died May 2, 1923 in Shelby County, Indiana.


Mary's father and brother were both named Andrew Jackson Driscoll

Andrew Jackson Driscoll was born in Kentucky in 1822.

Mary's mother, Mary Donahue was born in Ohio about 1824? and she

married Andrew Jackson Driscoll in Scott County, Indiana June 15, 1841.


John Henry and Mary Ann Driscoll Deal lived with their children

in Boggstown/London, in the Moral Township of

Shelby County, Indiana near many other Deal family members.

Many of them lived near these Railroad tracks that cross Big Sugar Creek,

a beautiful, hilly and deeply wooded area in central Indiana,

about 20 miles south east of Indianapolis.

This area was home to many Shawnee people

during the early period of Indiana history.

My grandmother told me stories when I was a little girl
of being so poor that they would pick up coal that had fallen
off of the trains that passed by to keep warm in the winters.


Deal children in birth order:

Francis born about 1858

John Henry Jr., born January 2, 1859 in Indiana

*Mary Elizabeth, born about 1862 in Jackson County, Illinois

James Zepheniah, born about 1865 in Jackson County, Illinois

Martha E. born about 1867 in Indiana

Polly Anna, born April 17, 1869 in Indiana

Toliver Lindsay, born January 12, 1872 in Indiana

Matilda Alice, born about 1874 in Indiana

Tilden Thomas, born December 8, 1876 in Indiana

Toliver Lindsay Deal


James Zepheniah Deal


Martha Deal in cap


Polly Anna Deal is seated


Alvina Katherine "Vinie" Deal


Matilda Deal


Matilda and Hattie Deal

Hattie is the daughter of Zeph and Ollie German Deal


I owe a great debt of gratitude to the many people

who have generously contributed information and/or

pictures of my Deal family members: Mary Mc New,

Sara Schmucker, the reporter at the Shelbyville News

whose story was read by other Indiana Deal relatives,

who then contacted me to offer more names and dates

and Maureen Sheehan at the Shelby County Genealogy Room.

Mary Mc New, far left above a newly discovered Deal cousin

from London, Indiana with two other cousins,

Garnet Wagoner and Glenn Perry, whom we

met during our first visit to Shelbyville.

They are pictured above with their wives,

both are descendants of Polly Anna Deal, a sister of

my great grandmother Mary Elizabeth Deal Nugent.

The Shelby County Genealogy Room

But most of all, to my cousin Tresa Wright,

for giving me a great start on this journey of discovery

with the name of my great grandmother,

Mary Elizabeth Deal Nugent.

My cousins Kenny and Jack Wright with
their wives Tresa and Carole.



September 2012

A recent trip home to Indiana for a family reunion provided a great opportunity
for a visit to two of the cemeteries where our ancestors are buried.

At the Deal Cemetery in London, with Fred, Jack, Diane and me.

They are my Wright cousins, but we all had the same grandmother,

Bertha Louise Nugent, whose Mother was Mary Elizabeth Deal.

Zeph Deal was her brother.



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