Cesar Chavez


Cesar Chavez

Photo by Claire Peterson and Susana Diaz
Exploring the United Farm Workers' History


Cesar Chavez

Until his death in 1993, Cesar Chavez was frequently in the

news in California and around the world, as his name

became synonymous with Farm Workers Rights.


Cesar's early life was hard, as it was for many migrant working families.

As a child, school was difficult, there were many obstacles

and he found it a hostile, negative environment.


Yet, he overcame this and became an inspirational leader

to migrant farm workers all over the country.

His initial lack of formal education, only through elementary level,

would reverse later in life as he became a passionate reader

and derived great insight into the lives of leader he admired.


Chavez disliked any form of violence and in similar pattern

as Gandhi thought that fasting and peaceful protests were

the best way to accomplish the results they were seeking.


His efforts were not always successful,

the big farm owners had tough lawyers whose lives

were devoted to defeating Chavez and his supporters.


The Hollywood community rallied behind Cesar because

he spoke for those who had not a single hope of being heard.

To the rich farm owners, he was a thorn in their sides,

someone who had to be dealt with and kept down.


His life's work became a beacon for the millions of

poor migrants who wanted just a chance at a decent life.

Chavez showed those who worked for little or nothing,

that there could be a better way of living and working.

Cesar Chavez gave them hope.

Si, se puede!



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