Mary Elizabeth Brummage Nugent     Mary Elizabeth Deal Nugent     Bertha Louise Nugent Wright/Weintraut     Lois Ione Weintraut Vermillion         

The women of my Family are from left, beginning with my great great grandmother:
Mary Elizabeth Brummage, Mary Elizabeth Deal, Bertha Louise Nugent, Lois Ione Weintraut, me, and Jennifer Melissa Jones.



My great grandmother Mary Deal was born in

Shawnee lands near the Cahokia Mounds in Illinois.

She married William J Nugent on Aug 19, 1878

in Shelby County, Indiana.


Their nine children were:



Lilly B. born July 1879

Ollie E. born July 1882

Rhoda A. was born November 24, 1884

and married Wilson Wright August 2, 1905

*Bertha Louise born December 5, 1886

and married William Wright December 8, 1905

and then many years later, Frank Weintraut

Savilla Pearl born June 1892

James H. March 1899

Viola G. born October, 1894

Edna O. was born November 15, 1895

and married William Nave May 1, 1914

Bertha Louise Nugent

My grandmother Bertha Louise Nugent


Summer of 1962
My grandmother Bertha Nugent Weintraut
about 76 years of age in Spencer, Indiana.


My ancestors were Brummage, Deal, Driscoll,

Hall-Story, Nugent, Weintraut and Skirvin.

They came from many states including,

Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland,

Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia,

and Cork County, Ireland.


Among these ancestors were Shawnee, Choctaw,

Cherokee and Wyandot American Natives and my

European ancestry of Irish, Scottish, Prussian and Norwegian.*


*The ancestry and identity of my father was only recently discovered.

His name was Robert Skirvin and he was descended from Norwegians.*

Summer of 1999
My mother Lois and me on board the
Coast Guard
Cutter Eagle in New London, Connecticut.


Finding my ancestors has been a journey

filled with wonder and reward. Yet, the

discovery of their history and individual stories

has been largely due to several outside factors.


I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the

extensive genealogy world that now exists

on the Internet, the generosity of my relatives

and the kindness of a few absolute strangers.

My Uncle Frank Weintraut, Jr.
with my daughter Jennifer.

My Aunt Wanda Weintraut Ballinger.

The three children of my grandparents
Bertha Louise Nugent and Frank Weintraut, Sr.:
Lois, Wanda and Frank, Jr.


September 2012

A recent trip home to Indiana for a family reunion provided a great opportunity

for a visit to two of the cemeteries where our ancestors are buried.

At the Deal Cemetery in London, with Fred, Jack, Diane and me.

They are my Wright cousins, but we all had the same grandmother,

Bertha Louise Nugent, whose Mother was Mary Elizabeth Deal.

Zeph Deal was Mary's brother.



Next a trip to the other side of town.

The Wrights in this picture at the Shelbyville Cemetery are from left:

Jack, Wanda, Diane and Fred.  Walkingfox is not a Wright, he is a Mohegan.~

              From left: jack Wright, Walkingfox, Wanda Wright, Diane and Fred Wright.



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