About the Airedales


She was so elegant and spoiled me forever for any other breed~


Luke and Zoe
The Angels took them and now they are
together again in their own special Heaven.


And now Sabrina, the Baby.

She has just a bit of each of her predecessors
in her and brings us such sweet joy every day.



Airedales have been a part of my life since I brought Ariel home in 1991.


Ariel was a Rescue, but she was the one who did the rescuing,

making me a believer in a breed that I knew nothing about.


It's funny how they creep into your heart when you're not paying attention,

but they all have and they have all been wonderful.


Life with an Airedale is filled with surprises,

they are smart, happy, loyal, funny, devoted and loving friends

and living with them is just pure joy.


I highly recommend adopting or rescuing an Airedale or any breed,

they really need you and the love that they return to you is never ending.

Sunshine Airedalers of Florida


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